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Tetanus Screen
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  • Lab Code: IRE-TETA

Tetanus Screen

This Private Blood Test for Tetanus Screen is available across Ireland through our Nurse home visit service.

This Private Blood Test for Tetanus Screen is available across Ireland through our Nurse home visit service.

Lab Code : TETA
Test Name : Tetanus Screen
Profile or Test? :
GP Referral : Yes Included
Target Turn Around Time (in working days) : 7
Pathology Sample : Blood
Test Inclusions : Tetanus Screen Only
Special Instructions :
Laboratory Notes : 1 x SST
Self Arrange Phlebotomy
If you already have a phlebotomist or local clinic that can take blood, then there is no need to use one of our mobile nurses. Blue Horizon Medicals have been supplying vacutainer kits to our patients since 2009. Vacutainer kits require a healthcare professional to take your blood, and often your own GP, practice nurse, or your local hospital or clinic will be glad to assist. The advantage of a vacutainer kit is that it can hold a lot of blood, making testing for over 40 parameters possible, and a blood draw is more likely to succeed than with a fingerprick microtainer sample.We do not offer finger prick kits in Ireland due to the higher margin of error.

Nurse Visit
Our nurses can visit you at your home or place of work to take your blood quickly, conveniently and professionally. Simply choose the tests that you need, and select a nurse home visit at checkout. We charge a nominal fee of €75 for this extra service, which can be added at the point of checkout.
Q: Do I need a Doctor’s Referral to use this service?
A: No you do not require a Doctor’s Referral, we provide one when you have placed an order. This is free of charge, and a consultation is not required unless stated on certain tests.

Q: So all I need to do is order online or over the phone, and then attend for my blood draw.
A: Yes, the process is that simple.

Q: How soon will I get my results?
A: The turnaround time is a guide only, and will sometimes depend upon assay run schedules. Most results are provided within the time frame provided, but there may be technical difficulties, or the results may need to be re-run to check accuracy, or our Doctor may be held up passing comment. We can easily give you a status report, so please do email us or phone us to chase results, not the Laboratory itself.

Q: Do I get a copy of my results?
A: You will receive a PDF copy of your laboratory certificate which prints onto A4 paper. If you would like a paper copy, let us know and we will post one out to you.

Q: Do I have to pay extra to get the blood drawn?
A: You are charged nothing extra for the blood draw if you have selected 'self arrange phlebotomy' at the checkout, however if you select 'Nurse visit' at the checkout then we charge a nominal fee of €75.

Q: What is the difference between reported and unreported results?
A: Reported results will be sent to the GP for comment, this process can take up to two working days to complete in addition to the stated turnaround time for results. If you select unreported results, then you choose not to have the interpretation of our GP and they will be sent directly to you. This is advisable if you already have a specialist to share the results with or are able to interpret them yourself. In the event of any results being of a critical nature we will always be in contact to make you aware of this.
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