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Practitioner Information

Are YOU are a Health or Fitness Professional?

If you are a Doctor, Nurse, Nutritionist, fitness instructor, or if you work in a related field then you should seriously consider signing up to the Blue Horizon Medicals Practitioner Program.

Advantages of the Blue Horizon Practitioner Program.

  • A discount on all tests ordered.
  • Access to a large range of relevant blood tests and blood test profiles in Ireland.
  • Access to our National phlebotomy service that covers ALL of Ireland.
  • Alternatively, make your own phlebotomy arrangements and we can send you a complete testing kit.
  • Reported results by our Doctor. However, if you are qualified in a related field to the test you are requesting, you can opt out of this.

How to sign up.

  • Fill in the form below.
  • We'll review your application and if your details are validated, you'll be given a practitioner account.
  • Refer your clients by placing an order yourself, but putting your patient's details in the patient details section.

We look Forward to working with you!