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Avoid the time and expense of arranging blood tests for your clients by making Blue Horizon your official blood tests partner.

As a health professional you will often want to refer your clients to their GP or a private hospital for blood tests so that you can have a more complete picture of their health - but as you know this will not always be an easy journey.

Introducing the new Blue Horizon Blood Test Partner system.

  1. Access to thousands of blood tests from many laboratories (not just the tests from this website)
  2. Enjoy significant discounts on full website prices as standard
  3. Purchase tests for your clients or assign them a coupon code and let them arrange tests themselves.
  4. Finger-prick kits available on certain tests.
  5. Arrange phlebotomy yourself, or arrange through our mobile nurses or our network of private hospitals
  6. Free medical comments on out of range results are available from our Doctors.

Over 1000 blood test profiles across several websites

  • Thyroid Tests
  • Hormone Testing
  • Health Screening
  • Sports Performance
  • Nutritional Testing

POSTAL BLOOD TESTS at https://bluehorizonbloodtests.co.uk
LONDON BLOOD TESTS at https://bloodtestslondon.com
HOSPITAL BLOOD TESTS at https://privatebloodtests.co.uk
VITAMIN B12 INJECTION SERVICE at https://b12horizon.co.uk
BLOOD TESTS IN IRELAND at https://privatebloodtests.ie/
BLOOD TESTS IN CANADA at https://bloodtestscanada.com