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Self Arrange Phlebotomy

If you already have a phlebotomist or local clinic that can take blood, then there is no need to use one of our mobile nurses. Blue Horizon Medicals have been supplying vacutainer kits to our patients since 2009. Vacutainer kits require a healthcare professional to take your blood, and often your own GP, practice nurse, or your local hospital or clinic will be glad to assist. The advantage of a vacutainer kit is that it can hold a lot of blood, making testing for over 40 parameters possible, and a blood draw is more likely to succeed than with a fingerprick microtainer sample. We do not offer finger prick kits in Ireland due to the higher margin of error. Once you have placed your order we will dispatch a kit to your chosen address, we aim for the kit to reach you within 5 -7 Working Days.


Vacutainer kit by post
  • All listed tests possible
  • Choose Self Arrange at checkout
  • We'll send you a Vacutainer kit


Vacutainer kit
  • Contact your Healthcare Professional
  • Arrange a convenient appointment
  • Full instructions given


vacutainer kit special delivery
  • Post sample using supplied box
  • Analysis at a Laboratory in Ireland
  • Recieve results by email
I had blood tests carried out with Blue Horizon- they sent me the finger prick kit but I was only able to get a few drops out of my fingers and you have to fill a small test tube! There was no chance of me getting enough blood out, but I have quite poor circulation. I rang them up and they just sent me the kit with the needle etc (no extra cost) and I went to my local phlebotomist at the health centre and they were happy to draw the blood and I just put it straight in the post.
I have never used a finger prick test as I am a total wuss so I use a phlebotomist. I have used a BH vacutainer kit three times, I think. For one of them, I blagged a free blood draw from a nurse at my GP's surgery once, she was going to charge but didn't know how much to charge, so I got it for free!

Every blood test on this website can be tested with Vacutainer Kits, browse the private blood test categories or use the search box at the top of the page. Call us on 076 8889 622 if you have any questions.